This print is a beautiful relfection of the Canadian west coast mushrooms that grow naturally in our lush Vancouver Island forests. The Amanita Muscaria mushrooms have become iconic because of their distinct colours and shape, and they are often depicted in fairy tale stories, and imagery of enchanted forests. The Amanita Muscaria is classified as a toxic mushroom, and it is recommended that people do not consume the mushroom.


For Social Root, this print symbolizes the importance of healthy west coast ecosystems, and is a reminder for those who forage, and spend time within natural settings, to respect delicate environments, practice leave no trace ethics, and be respectful of the traditional territories in which you recreate and forage from. 



All revenues from the print sales will go towards Social Root led programs and projects. The print sales offer a way for our business to support projects fueled by a passion to contribute towards equitable, just, and sustainable social and ecological systems. With your support we will have a greater capacity to build on our programs and make a positive impact. 


Some of the projects that these funds will go towards:

- Gender Equality programming and awareness

- Regenerative tourism development 

- Childwelfare and tourism research

- Community led projects within BC

(Large) Fausse Orange - Mushroom Print

  • Size:  11x14

    Printed locally to support businesses in our community